The Kitchen Musician ~ November 2013

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Hello Friends,

Several people I care about are going through the break-up of significant relationships. A community of family and friends can play an important part in healing from this kind of wound. Time and music also help. Step into the kitchen – I’ll share a song on the subject.

  This Month’s Music: Such is Love
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  Featured Non-Profit: Tunefoolery

Tom at Parish Center for the Arts – Photo: © 2013 Dan Tappan


I had a wonderful musical October, starting with a special afternoon at the Old Manse in historic Concord, MA with my good friends The Chanticleers, an in-the-round session with songwriter friends Jan Luby and Kim Trusty at the Armory in Somerville, opening for David Mallett and James Keelaghan (two of my songwriting heroes) on consecutive days of the same weekend, a mini-tour of Upstate New York with my friends Leslie Lee and Steve Gretz, and culminating with sharing a stage with my daughter Mally Smith and new friend violist Laurence Scudder. At each event, I was greeted by warm and enthusiastic audiences. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my music with others.

And of course, the Red Sox won the World Series! I am proud of the team, and of Major League Baseball. This post season was full of intense and respectful competition. Like many of my friends, I am suffering a little from baseball withdrawal – already looking forward to spring training.

This Month’s Music
Such is Love

Click the image above to play the video.
Such is Love
© 2012 Tom Smith, Performed Nov. 3, 2013
Lyrics in the comments section below.

Several people I care about are going through a tough spell right now. Long time relationships that at one time seemed immutable have collapsed – and too many other friends and family members have preceded them with similar stories. I recall one particular evening in supportive conversation with a friend. I felt unable to provide real comfort, but I also felt strangely grateful to be part of his healing process. After that conversation, and remembering similar conversations with others, this song emerged. It remained almost finished and mostly idle until recent news of other broken relationships inspired me to make a few final adjustments and to share it with you (and them).

Yesterday while arranging “Such is Love” for Mally and Laurence to perform with me, I received the joyful news from another friend of the birth of Genevieve Rebekah. She joins her older brother Jonathan as a member of a beautiful and loving family. I had to stop and exhale as I thought of the great pool of conflicting experiences and emotions in which we all swim. As a friend recently said, “That’s life being life”.

Some people have described this song as sad, but to me it is a song of hope and encouragement.

Music heals,

~ Tom

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Upcoming Shows

Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013: Concord, MA
I am featuring at this long-standing open mike, hosted by the remarkable Ellen Schmidt. I will be joined by my daughter Mally Smith, and Mally will be accompanied by very special guest, violist Laurence Scudder.

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013: Greenfield, MA
In concert with Mally Smith at Stonleigh-Burnham School in the Capen Room. This concert is free an open to the public.

Click to view details for all upcoming shows.

Featured Non-Profit: Tunefoolery

Tunefoolery Musicians“Tunefoolery Concert Ensembles from Boston, Massachusetts is a unique and courageous group of over 50 musicians with psychiatric disabilities who play and perform music as a way towards healing and recovery.” –

Five years ago I released my ‘family friendly’ CD Peace on Peabody Hill to benefit Tunefoolery. Sales exceeded $1200, which was sufficient to send several Tunefoolery musicians to summer music week in Western Massachusetts. This is a photo from that summer. For some, it was the highlight of their entire year. Thank you to those who purchased this CD and supported this wonderful group.

Since then Tunefoolery has found a new space in the South End of Boston, and they are working hard to overcome serious funding cuts from a cash-strapped state government. Please join me in supporting Tunefoolery. Consider a tax deductible contribution.

  • Tom
    November 4, 2013

    Such is Love
    © 2012 Tom Smith (ASCAP)

    You have come to the end
    When the curtain descends
    Like the back of a hand on
    A face full of tears
    At the end of the day
    You can’t make her stay
    Though she’s throwing away
    All of those years

       There’s no way to make sense of the pain
       When love can be lost like a game
       Such is love. Such is love

    You can’t change the result
    By finding the fault
    That’s just rubbing salt
    In each cutting remark
    When words are unkind
    Time after time
    They’re like knots that will bind
    And strangle your heart

       There’s no way to make sense of the pain
       The answer is always the same
       Such is love. Such is love.

       It’s the passing of time that will help you to find how to mend
       And here by your side, I will walk stride by stride as your friend

    When you’re loosing control
    When its dark and its cold
    My hand on your shoulder
    Will turn you around
    I can’t return what you’ve lost
    Nor get back the cost
    But surrender your trust
    In someone you can count on

       To help you let go of the pain
       When you reach for the hand of a friend
       Such is love. Such is love.
       Such is love. Such is love.

  • Laura
    November 4, 2013

    Just absolutely beautiful Tom! So sorry I missed it.

  • Kate
    November 5, 2013

    O Tom, how beautiful in every way. Mally’s harmonies tugged at my heart, and Lawrence’s playing – sublime. What a heartfelt and generous performance of a heartfelt and generous song.

  • Janet
    November 18, 2013

    Just what I needed to hear right now, Tom. I needed to hear a quiet, comforting song, so I looked up your website. And sure enough, just what I needed to hear. Even though it’s not a divorce (already been there, done that), it is comforting. Thank you.

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