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Tom SmithTom Smith’s songs are in turns humorous, touching, thought provoking, and inspiring. Deeply rooted in the old-school folk tradition, his timeless stories are told with a voice that is honest and sincere with melodies that you will remember forever. In the words of noted singer/songwriter Barbara Kessler, “Tom Smith will make you laugh and cry (maybe even in the same song) – a very captivating songwriter and performer.”

Tom grew up in rural Pennsylvania in a family where music was part of the fabric of everyday life. As a young man living at the epicenter of the folk-quake that was Cambridge, MA in the 1960’s, Tom solidified what has become a life-long love of self-made music. Now a folk veteran of over thirty-five years, Tom performs at festivals, coffeehouses, schools, and concerts throughout the Northeastern United States to audiences large and small, young and old.

In Tom’s popular monthly blog The Kitchen Musician, going strong since 2007, Tom uses his music to reflect on modern life.

Tom’s recordings include:

Journey Home (2011)
Birch Beer Records. “Tom Smith’s CD Journey Home offers emotional joy and solid craftsmanship. Smith has certainly come up with one of the strongest singer-songwriter CDs of 2011. Every word and feeling is a treasure and the song craft shows true mastery.” – Bill Copeland Music News

Peace on Peabody Hill (2008)
Informal family-friendly recordings made for my granddaughter and her parents. This CD is sold to benefit Tunefoolery, a charity I have supported for years.

Chip Off the New Block (1981)
Songs and stories for kids from A Gentle Wind

If You Want Any More You Can Sing It Yourself (1979)
Currently out of print. Remember vinyl records?

Tom also shares many informal home-grown recordings in his Jukebox.

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