The Kitchen Musician ~ August 2015

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Have you ever gotten part way through a game and realized that you and your partner were not playing by the same rules, or perhaps not even the same game? My friend Mark Stepakoff suggested I use this idea to write a song for a recent Rhode Island Songwriters event. Join me in the kitchen. I’ll share it with you.

The Kitchen Musician ~ May 2015

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This month is the eighth anniversary of The Kitchen Musician. I started this monthly blog as a way to encourage me to write and perform music. It has succeeded beyond my hopes, and connected me with many new friends. Thank you wonderful readers and folk enthusiasts! This month is also the 96th anniversary of Pete Seeger’s birth. We’ll celebrate with a song he wrote in the 1960’s – and a little bonus video to welcome in the May-O! Come in. I’m in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Musician ~ April 2015

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Hello Friends,

I think that the best gig anyone can have is to be a grandparent. I spent a week in March with our grandkids in sunny Florida. This month, I share a little calypso-flavored song that emerged out of that special time away from wintery New England. I’ll meet you in the kitchen!