A sample of some of my appearances.

Shared stages with Garnet Rogers, Catie Curtis, James Keelaghan, David Mallett, Jean Ritchie, Geoff Muldaur, Brooks Williams, The Gibson Brothers, Roy Book Binder, Bill Staines, Joe Crookston, Cosy Sheridan, Sarah Lee Guthrie, David Roth, Tony Saletan, Sam Hinton, Kim and Reggie Harris, Billy Crockett, Kerri Powers, Brother Sun, Will Dailey.

Radio and Television Live Appearances

  • 502 Sessions, Dedham Cable Access TV – 502 Sessions, Dedham, MA
  • BNN-TV, Boston Neighborhood Network TV – It’s All About Arts, Boston, MA
  • HCAM-TV, Wake Up and Smell the Poetry, Hopkinton, MA
  • NECN-TV, New England Cable Network Coffeehouse
  • NPA-TV, Norwood Public Access Television
  • WACA-TV, Unplugged, Ashland, MA
  • WCAS-AM, Live at Passim, Cambridge, MA
  • WCUW-FM, In the Tradition, Host: Bettie Carlson, Worcester, MA
  • WHRB-FM, Hillbilly at Harvard, Harvard University
  • WICN-FM, The Folk Revival, Host: Nick Noble, Wocester, MA
  • WOMR-FM, Roots and Offshoots, Host: Carol Santarelli Courneen, Provincetown, MA
  • WOMR-FM, The Old Songs Home radio show, Host: Bob Weiser, Provincetown, MA
  • WSCA-FM, Writers in the Round, Portsmouth, NH