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How to Make (and Play) a Krummyhorn

Are you looking for a fun project while you are in isolation waiting for the pandemic to pass? Make a KRUMMYHORN!

It is easy to make, and while it takes a little messing around to play,
no great skill is needed.

I first became aware of the krummyhorn when I was a young man, teaching “The Science of Sound” to sixth graders. That is where my students and I perfected this simple construction technique.

Chopsticks for 2 Krummyhorns in K Major

If you make and play a krummyhorn, please share a video with me and I will add it to this page.

The krummyhorn is a double-reed instrument, made from a plastic soda straw. It was inspired by the krumhorn, a 16th century woodwind instrument. Like a krumhorn, the krummyhorn has a similar sound which originates from a double-reed (two reeds flapping against each other.) One way in which the krumhorn differs is that it is a capped reed instrument — that is, a cap covers the reeds so that the player’s lips do not come into contact with the reeds.

Here is a good demonstration of the krumhorn by
Piffaro, The Renaissance Band.