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These are the informal recordings I made shortly after writing these songs, as they appear in my Kitchen Musician blog. Click on each title link for audio/video and more information. I am happy to send you an mp3 of any of these. Just contact me. For studio recordings of some of these songs, please visit my store page.


~ Tom

“Reach Out to Me” (video)

© 2017 Tom Smith
For the dreamers (DACA).

“I Ain’t Gonna Work No Mo'” (video)

© 2017 Tom Smith
To celebrate my retirement.

“Another Crack in the Cornerstone” (video)

© 2017 Tom Smith
“Can’t you hear the castle crumblin’?”

“It’s a Grand New Day” (video)

© 2017 Tom Smith
Time to change my point of view!

“The Art of the Protest Song” (video)

Excerpts from “The Art of the Protest Song” – a concert I helped organize with friends Ron Israel, Dan Cloutier, John Boehmer, Chris Boehmer and Jon McAuliffe.

“The Reflection of You” (video)
© 2017 Tom Smith
Celebrating Mothers’ Day with a new song.

“We Have Been Here Before” (video)
© 2017 Tom Smith
Reacting to recent increases in aggressive behavior from Washington and around the world – why can’t I shake this feeling of déjà vu?.

“Liberty and Justice for All” (video)
© 2017 Tom Smith
Thinking about white privilege.

“Too Slow for Demo Work” (video)
© 2017 Lyrics: William Thibodeau, Music: Tom Smith
May we learn from the masters of the past.

“Eyes on the Prize” (video)
Trad., new lyrics © 2017 Tom Smith
For the Women’s March on Washington.

“I Thee Wed” (video)
© 2016 Tom Smith
In honor of the marriage of Andrew and Christine.

“Empty Paper and a Pen” (video)
© 2016 Tom Smith, Reflecting on the creative process.

“The Frog and the Scorpion” (video)
© 2016 Tom Smith, A cautionary tale for modern listeners.

“I Do the Best I Can” (video)
© 2016 Tom Smith. A little encouragement.

“The Gift of a Heart” (video)
© 2016 Tom Smith
Honoring ten retiring faculty and staff representing 305 combined years of service to The Park School.

“Where Are the Songs of Love?” (video)
© 2016 Tom Smith. Reflecting on the songs of the 60’s.

“Who, Being Loved, Is Poor?” (video)
© 2015 Tom Smith. Sometimes the answer is just that simple.

“Talking Presidential Election Blues” (video)
© 2015 Tom Smith. Decidedly biased commentary.

“Planting in a Drought” (video)
© 2015 Tom Smith. Thinking about climate change

“Quietly Sung” (video)
© 2015 Tom Smith.
In memory of my mother, Carmen Smith 9/23/1926 – 11/30/2014

“Checkers” (video)
© 2015 Tom Smith. Written for a RISA songwriting assignment

“You Have Got to be Carefully Taught” (video)
© 1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein
From the musical, “South Pacific”.New and additional lyrics by Tom Smith

“Quite Early Morning” (video)
© 1969 Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger tribute at New England Folk Festival, April 2015.

“La De Dah” (video)
© 2015 Tom Smith. A simple song.

“Here Comes the Sun!” (video)
© 2015 Tom Smith (This is not the famous George Harrison song.)
To welcome the herald of Mistress Spring

“The Junk Band” (video)
plays “Mama Don’t Allow”

“Lovesick Blues” (video)
As sung by Hank Williams
Bonus video: “No Letter Today”, recorded circa 1970 with my Aunt Carrie and Gramma.

“Conversation with Jake” (video)
© 2014 Tom Smith
To celebrate the life of Jake Kensinger.

“Grandfather’s Note” (video)
© 2014 Tom Smith
A song about the influence of each generation on the next.

“The Road from Now to Then (Take Me Home Again)” (video)
© 2014 Tom Smith and Dawn Kenney
Inspired by a recent trip to the diner I frequented when I was in high school.

“Two Roads Diverged” (video)
© 2014 Tom Smith
Inspired by Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken”

“I Am a Tree” (video)
© 2014 Trisha Knudsen, music by Tom Smith

“It Could Be a Wonderful World” (video)
As sung by Pete Seeger, additional verse by Tom Smith

“To My Old Brown Earth” (video)
by Pete Seeger (1958), © 1964 Storm King Music

“To Jamaica!” (video)
Somebody take this man to Jamaica!
© 2014 Tom Smith

“A Seed on a Stone” (video)
Remembering Nelson Mandela
© 2014 Tom Smith

“Such is Love” (video)
For friends who have lost a relationship
© 2012 Tom Smith

“To Put Anna to Sleep” (video)
A lullabye
© 2009 Tom Smith

“My Mother’s Face” (video)
A daughter meets the woman who received her mother’s face
© 2013 Tom Smith (with thanks to Mally Smith)

“Fiddleosophy” (video)
A little philosophy from a Pennsylvania fiddler
Lyrics: © 2013 Tom Smith Tune: “Off to California Hornpipe”, Traditional

“Pretty Saro” (video)

“Do It Yourself” (video)
© 2013 Tom Smith
In praise of doing it yourself.

“Talking About Love” (video)
© 2013 Tom Smith
Written as an assignment for Vanilla Bean Cafe Songwriter Sessions.

“Talk to Me” (video)
© 2012 Meryl Ayres, Caity Richards and Mally Smith
A different take on the same subject.

“Carol of the Beasts” (video)
A 17th century French Christmas carol.

“Farewell Good Friend” (video)
In memory of Bill Kehoe.

“You, Love and Me” (video)
A musical gift to my wife on our 36th wedding anniversary.

“The Money Flows Up” (video)
In the spirit of Woody Guthrie, commenting on a critical issue.

“New Hampshire Wind” (animation)
Delightful animation of my song by several young animators.

“Tom’s Junk Band” (video)
A little fun with some teachers as we build a junk band in front of their students.

“Dancing at Whitsun” (video)
A wonderful song written by Austin John Marshall about how English women
kept the Morris Dancing tradition alive during World War I.

“Tom’s Krummy Horn” (video)
A little Beethoven played on my home made krummy horn. Just for fun.

“The Meeting is O’er” (video)
Traditional hymn, new music and words by Tom Smith

“You Live in My Heart” (video)
Thinking about someone who is having a tough time on Valentine’s Day.
© 2012 Tom Smith

“Follow Me Down” (video)
A song in praise of the open mic community and self-made music.
© 2011 Tom Smith

“Song for Bill” (video)
A tribute to songwriter, Bill Morrissey 1951 – 2011.
© 2011 Tom Smith

“You Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Me” (video)
A mid-summer song in praise of simple pleasures.
Lyrics: © 2011 Tom Smith, Music: Bo Carter

“Angelina Baker” (video)
An traditional old-time song played on my home made fretless banjo.

“Something Wonderful” (video)
A video of Mally and Tom Smith sharing traditional music with first graders.

“The New Old Cow Puncher” (video)
Lyrics: © 2010 Genny Haley and Tom Smith
Tune: Traditional

“One More Sail Around the Sun” (video)
© 2011 Tom Smith

“New Hampshire Traveler” (video)
Traditional, Text adapted by Tom Smith

“My Mark Upon My Son” (video)
© 2011 Tom Smith, Inspired by the January 2011 Arizona shootings

“I Will Always Be Part of the Farm” (video)
© 2011 Tom Smith

“Journey Home” (video)
© 2010 Tom & Margo Smith

“The Captain With His Whiskers” (video)
Traditional, Civil War Era. Collected in Montrose, Pennsylvania

“Phil’s Guitar” (video)
© 2010 Tom Smith, (For Phil Knudsen)

“Peabody Hill”, with Mally Smith at HCAM-TV (video)
© 2008 Tom Smith

An untitled song by Mally Smith at HCAM-TV (video)
© 2010 Mally Smith

“Apples and Cheese” (video)
© 2010 Tom Smith, A little silliness

“The Cards are all Stacked on My Side” (video)
© 2010 Tom Smith, A song inspired by the savings and loan crisis

“Buttercup Joe” (video)
Traditional, Live at The Bull Run Soundstage

“You’re Not Alone” (video)
© 2010 Tom Smith
Live at The Bull Run Soundstage

“Annie on the Stairs (2010)” (video)
A collaboration with poet, Bill Thibodeau. This is an early version of the song.
© 2010 Tom Smith & William Thibodeau

“Annie on the Stairs (2013)” (video)
Here is a more recent version, like the way I perform it today.

“A Prayer for Peace” (video)
A new recording by Tom & Mally of a previously posted song.
© 2007 Tom Smith

“I’ll Make it Easy” (video)
Accompanying Mally Smith at Emerson Umbrella
© 2009 Mally Smith

“New Hampshire Wind” (video)
© 2009 Tom Smith & Mally Smith

“The Jolly Roving Tar” (video)

“A Declaration of Independence” (video)
© 2009 Tom Smith
Note 4/14/2011 – The name of this song has been changed to “Lick My face”
An assignment for the Vanilla Bean Cafe, Songwriter Sessions.

“The Last Folksinger” (video)
© 2009 Tom Smith

“Turn Right Then Move On” (video)
Also known as “A Folksinger’s GPS”
© 2009 Tom Smith

“The Lucky Loser” (video)
My entry into the Amazing Things songwriting exercise, July 2009.
© 2009 Tom Smith

“To a Songwriter” (video)
An open letter to those who pour their hearts into the songs they write and sing.
© 2009 Tom Smith

“A Fiddle with a Broken String” (video)
For those living with PTSD. © 2009 Tom Smith & Jud Caswell

Saint Patrick’s Day at Emerson Umbrella (video)
Two songs from an evening shared with Kate Chadbourne, Bill Kehoe, Pat Kenneally, and Robert Phillipps

“Old Bangum” (video)
A traditional song, variant of Child #18, “Sir Lionel”

“Working Poor (A Single Room)” (video)
A song about the working poor. © 2009 Tom Smith

“The Writer” (video)
A poem © 1969 Richard Wilbur, Music: © 2008 Tom Smith

Peace on Peabody Hill (CD Release)
A CD of informal recordings made for my granddaughter and the benefit of Tunefoolery.

“I’ll Sing it Myself” (video)
My song for those who find it difficult to share their music.
© 2008 Tom Smith

“Rolling of the Stones” (video)
An old folk ballad about a tragic accident and the scary stuff that followed.

“Peabody Hill” (video)
A song about a special place, © 2008 Tom Smith

“Join Me, Give Obama Your Vote” (video)
To encourage you to vote for Barack Obama in November, © 2008 Tom Smith

“Swallowed by the Hole” (video)
My song about the Knox Mine Disaster, © 2008 Tom Smith

“The Eensie-Weensie Spider” (video)
An allegory of hope and encouragement. Lyrics © Bob Blue and Tom Smith

“Another Box from the Combat Zone” – “Ohio” (video)
Inspired by the anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University
New lyrics: © Tom Smith

Acoustic Music Television (video)
Bruce Jones interviews me on Norwood Public Access TV, plus 5 songs

“The Garden Song” (video)
© David Mallett, Cherry Hill Music (ASCAP)

“A Song for Ellen” (video)
© 2008 Tom Smith, written in honor of my friend Ellen Schmidt

“How Happy I Am” (video)
Written by Reverend Gary Davis, new words © 2008 Tom Smith

“Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake” (video)
Words & Music, 1883, C. Frank Horn, arranged by Tom Smith

“A Prayer for Peace” (video)
© 2007 Tom Smith
Performed live at Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts, Concord, MA, December 3, 2007

“The Man Behind the Plow” (video)
music © 2007 Tom Smith, original words © 1918 Ralph Gordon
a song to praise farmers and farming

“I Wish I was a Mole in the Ground” (video)
Traditional, with my home made banjo, learned from Bascom Lamar Lunsford

“The Jolly Glazier” (video)
words © 2007 Tom Smith, music © Larry Hanks

“Dream of Butterflies”
© 2007 Billy Walsh

“Talking Post Trauma Blues” (video)
© 2007 Tom Smith
“What’s going to happen when our hidden injuries run out of places to hide?”

“Blind Fiddler”

August, 1986 (video)
© 2007 Tom Smith

“Yearning and Blue”
Learned from the “Cheap Suit Serenaders”

“Put Your Records On”
© Corinne Bailey Rae, performed by Mally Smith, accompanied by Tom Smith